Workout To Relieve Stress

Workout To Relieve Stress

Today’s world is filled with stress producing situations. Unfortunately, they’re nothing like the stress we were created to deal with in early times. That stress came from warring tribes attacking or wild animals. It required man to either flee or fight. The fight or flight response is a response to stress. It causes changes in […]

You Need Self Control To Reach Your Goal

You Need Self Control To Reach Your Goal

When I have new clients in Totowa, NJ, the first thing I tell each client is that especially in the first few weeks and months, you need self control to reach your goal. Living a healthy lifestyle and getting into shape is tougher until it becomes a habit. Whether you’re working out regularly or eating […]

Workout For Your Unique Needs

Not everyone needs the same intensity or type of workout. Not only does each person have a different body type, physical strength and weakness, but each person has their own goal or vision. Some people just want to tone and firm their body, while others want to build muscle tissue. You need to workout for […]

Unlock Fat With Kettlebells

You don’t have to work hard to get rid of that excess fat that clings to your body, you can unlock fat with kettlebells. A kettlebell workout is a superior way to get back into shape, while eliminating those boring long workouts that entail riding the bike to nowhere or walking a treadmill for hours. […]

Living Healthy Can Be A Challenge

You may plan on starting a workout program, eating healthier and getting more sleep, but never get around to it. Let’s face it, living healthy can be a challenge. Everywhere you look someone’s saying they have the direct route to staying young and healthy forever or they can help you lose weight without changing your […]

Burst Through Plateaus

No matter who you are or what your fitness goal, at one time or another, you’ve hit a plateau. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may be stuck on that last few pounds. For those who want to get fit, they may find they simply aren’t getting stronger or building muscle tissue. You can […]

Get Personal Training in a Group

There are a number of reasons people start exercising again. The two most popular are fat loss and getting healthier. There’s no doubt that exercise will help with both and that they’re both interconnected. Starting out on your own can be intimidating, particularly if you haven’t worked out for a while. People often workout too […]

The Benefits of Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors have been around for a long time, but have become increasingly popular for use during exercise. One reason is that the new studies on exercise indicate that high intensity workouts tend to be more beneficial and get you back into shape faster than longer sessions of traditional cardiovascular training. However, in order […]

The Benefits of High Intensity Training

One of the most efficient programs for fat loss is high intensity personal training. High intensity training is a program that combines short burst of high intensity movements followed by a longer period with slower, far less intense movement. For example, if you’re on a treadmill, you’ll go at for a period of anywhere from […]

Exercise and Fat Loss for the Rest of Us

Getting started on an exercise program is probably the hardest part of exercising. That’s because many programs either start you too slow, so you don’t see results fast enough to keep your interest, or they’re created for people in perfect shape and you end up discouraged. That’s one reason people turn to personal trainers for […]