Losing Weight Requires Healthy Lifestyle Changes

It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight, become fitter or gain muscles, healthy lifestyle changes are the keys to accomplishing your goals. Healthy lifestyle changes can include adding regular exercise to your weekly schedule, changing your eating habits or both. While you might think that changing your eating habits means dieting, nothing can […]

A Team Atmosphere Matters When It Comes to Fitness

If you’ve struggled alone with weight loss or simply achieving fitness in the past, why not try a team approach. A team atmosphere matters when it comes to achieving fitness. It not only provides emotional support, it also can improve your level of determination. You might consider using a personal trainer as a member of […]

The Benefits of Kettlebells

If you go to the Olympian museum in Greece, you’ll see a stone kettlebell that athletes used to demonstrate strength. The Russian peasants, with a heritage of influence from the Greeks, used kettlebells, not only to measure the weight of grain at market, but also as a non-organized sport to measure the strength of competitors, […]

Love the Way You Look

If you’re not happy with the reflection you see in a full-length mirror, you can change all that. In a very short time, you’ll love the way you look when you include a healthy diet and regular exercise in your life. Both of these not only tone the body and help you lose weight, they […]

Benefits of Strength Training

Benefits of Strength Training at Prime Performance Training Systems If you are in Totowa NJ and have ever considered personal training, group strength training, or using some type of Crossfit trainer, you may have also considered the many benefits that you could receive from strength training and activities that push your body to the limit. […]

Why your Gym Sucks

What makes Prime different than other gyms in Totowa NJ I opened Prime in November of 2011. My vision for the facility is simple provide the best coaching, program design, and small group training in North Jersey. I set out to change the way you train. We are not a big commercial gym that offers […]

Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

 Benefits of Kettlebell Training: 1. Full Body Conditioning. Kettlebells train the entire body at one time through full body movements. 2. Increased resistance to injury. Kettlebell exercises help strengthen your hips and produce endurance in your lower back the definitive factor to preventing lower back pain. 3. The ability to work aerobically and anaerobically at […]