We Are an Anti-Gym that Focuses on Personalized Fitness Training in Fairfield NJ

If you want personalized fitness training in Fairfield, you have to start going to the anti-gym. Most gyms provide all the equipment, but none of the individual attention that is required to get maximum results. Everyone’s left to do their own “thing,” which often isn’t getting them results or even could cause injury if they’re […]

Scientifically Proven Results Show that Exercising in Clifton NJ Not Only Helps You Lose Weight; It Makes You Smarter

If you started working out to lose weight, you can add even more to the long list of benefits from exercise. New studies show that exercise makes you smarter, as well as provides many other benefits. Working out in Clifton, Wayne or any other town for that matter, creates a brain that resists shrinkage, which […]

Personal Training in Wayne, NJ Can Help You Commit and See Results

If you’ve failed to commit and see results from your workout program before, consider using a personal trainer. Personal training can give you the extra motivation that it takes to go from flabby to fabulous. Personal trainers do more than motivate you, even though that’s a huge benefit, they also create a program designed specifically […]

Losing Weight Requires Healthy Lifestyle Changes

It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight, become fitter or gain muscles, healthy lifestyle changes are the keys to accomplishing your goals. Healthy lifestyle changes can include adding regular exercise to your weekly schedule, changing your eating habits or both. While you might think that changing your eating habits means dieting, nothing can […]

A Team Atmosphere Matters When It Comes to Fitness

If you’ve struggled alone with weight loss or simply achieving fitness in the past, why not try a team approach. A team atmosphere matters when it comes to achieving fitness. It not only provides emotional support, it also can improve your level of determination. You might consider using a personal trainer as a member of […]