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At Prime Performance Training Systems, we offer small group bootcamp classes which will revolutionize the way you train, and the way you think about fitness itself. With our support and coaching, the motivation of a group setting, and the intense, cutting-edge exercises and routines that we utilize, you’ll drop those extra pounds in no time at all.

Forget about the infomercials, the same-old gyms, the self-proclaimed gurus and everything else. All you need are the quick, challenging and fun workouts you receive as a part of the best fitness bootcamp in North Jersey, Prime Performance!

  • Small groups offer increased motivation and intensity, while still delivering one on one attention and support
  • Receive the highest level of coaching and training at amazing and affordable prices
  • Get a flat belly, tone up your legs, butt and arms, and feel confident and sexy!

Our high intensity training is fun, it’s quick, and it’s proven to be effective. It’s also guaranteed, so there’s zero risk involved.

All too often in the world of fitness, you don’t really get what you’re looking for. Maybe you receive great coaching, but it’s at an unreasonable price you can’t maintain. Or conversely, you get a great deal but never see results.

At Prime Performance Training Systems, our high intensity training classes will be exactly what you have searched for. The best training at the best prices, with a great combination of the motivation you get from groups, while still receiving personalized support and one-on-one assistance.

Fitness Bootcamp at Prime Performance will help you blast away calories and excess fat, and build sexy, lean muscle.

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